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Receptionist and Closer Script (Phone)

Use this script to help encourage the use of your app:

When a customer calls to request a estimated closing statement, train your employees to say the following:

“Sure <AGENT NAME>, I’ll get that over to you as soon as possible.

Say, did you know that you can get your preliminary HUD’s instantly now from your mobile device or computer?

I am emailing the link to you right now.  That way if it is the end-of-month you don’t have to wait!”

Using QR Code in your marketing

Use QR code for your TitleTap Calculator app to share your branded calculator with your Realtors and contacts!

Once you have created your QR Code you want to place it in your marketing material.  Print your QR Code on business cards, flyers, t-shirts, catalogs, and print ads.  Be sure to include your new QR code when designing and creating new marketing material.

When placing QR codes consider:

  • The user needs to be able to pull out their phone and scan.
  • Point the code to a mobile-friendly URL
  • Tell them what they will get when they scan the code and brief instructions on how to download a reader.
  • The QR code needs to be big enough and clear enough that even the lower-quality phones can scan it.
  • Test your QR code before finalizing any printed material or making it available to scan.

download qr code

From mobile app you can share directly from your phone by emailing.


How to create QR Code

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code (it stands for “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode that can store website URL’s, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses, Youtube videos, and many more types of information.

You have the ability to create a QR Code with your computer, iPhone, Android or Windows phone for free.  Use the following directions to create your own QR Code for your unique content.

Using Red Laser to generate your QR Code:

Redlaser Website

  1. Visit
  2. From drop down menu choose the type of QR code you want to create (ie. website URL, email, contact info, etc.)
  3. Enter corresponding information into blank spaces below
  4. Click “Generate Code”
  5. QR Code image will appear immediately below
  6. Right click and save QR Code image to convenient place on your computer

Redlaser Mobile App

  1. downloard the app here: or visit the app store on your phone and seach “Red Laser Barcode & QR Scanner”
  2. Open Red Laser app once installed
  3. Click “more” button or icon on lower right corner of app
  4. Click QR Code Generator
  5. Click on “QR Code Creator” under Get Started heading
  6. Select type of QR Code to generate
  7. Type in URL or other info depending on type of QR Code you want
  8. Press “Create”
  9. Be sure to save or email QR Code to yourself to have a copy available

QR Code Example:


How to create short links with Bitly

Bitly is a URL shortening service that allows you to save and share your links on the web. Bitly shortened URLs can be trackable or non-trackable. To be trackable you need to create an account with Bitly by easily entering in few pieces of information.

In Bitly, short links are referred to as bitmarks. Bundles are a collection of short links or “bitmarks”.

Directions for creating short links:

Go to:

Non-Trackable links:

1. Paste in a link at the top to have it shortened automatically
2. New page shows up with your newly shortened link
3. There is a button to easily copy it and share it

Trackable links:

1. After creating your account, go to your home page (called “Your Stuff in Bitly)
2. Paste in a link at the top to have it shortened automatically
3. A summary of the contents of the link and how many clicks it has received show up in           timeline
4. Short links you have created are displayed in your timeline chronologically
5. You can click on “View stats” to see more detailed information about how many people         clicked through and when they did it.
6. Click on your user name in top right corner, then click tools
From here you can:
– install a Chrome extension to creak short links from your browser
– Download Bitly for your phone
– Get WordPress Plugin for Bity
7. You can always go back to your short links by clicking “Your Bitlinks” on top left side of page

Email Announcement/ Newsletter to Your Customers, Part 2

Email 2

Use the following email template:

Exciting news…

If you haven’t already heard, <Insert Company Name here> now has a mobile app that was designed with you in mind.

Enjoy Preliminary Closing Statements at your fingertips; which means less time calling or emailing initial fees and more time signing contracts and closing deals!

Conveniently estimate the fees associated with real estate closings from your iPhone or iPad in less than a minute.  Simply talk or type in details such as sale price, mortgage payoff, last year’s tax, commissions, and any miscellaneous charges.

Then instantly get a PDF that you can save to edit later or email your client directly from the app to close deals faster.  Then when an offer is accepted, order the title directly from the app without having to re-enter the details of the sale.

Our mobile app was designed for you to streamline the pre-contract sales process by getting you net sheets quickly and in a format that is easy to share with clients…you can even submit your title order right from the app.

Maximize your sales opportunities with custom net sheets in your pocket!

Click here to download our app: <Insert link to download your app here>


Email Announcement/ Newsletter to Your Customers, Part 1

Email 1

Use the following email template:

The wait is over!

We are proud to announce the <Insert Title Company Name Here> mobile app is now available for FREE download on Apple’s iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad.

Enjoy Preliminary Closing Statements at your fingertips!

Benefits Include:
* Create and edit preliminary closing statements instantly
* Share preliminary fees with your clients in real­time
* Order title insurance directly from the app, without retyping the property details
* Print directly from the app to any AirPrint printer
* Use for Short Sales too
* Type details or Talk­to­text to input details
* Export Preliminary HUD to PDF and share with clients via Email
* Maximize your sales opportunities with custom net sheets in your pocket
* Less time calling or emailing initial fees, more time signing contracts and closing deals

Click Here to Download: <Insert your link to download your app here.>

Or Scan this QR Code: <Insert “Scan this QR Code:” and your QR Code here, if you create a QR Code.>