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I’m not seeing the changes that were supposedly made to my website

The Internet can be complex. Usually if your changes are not being seen it is due to one of the following reasons:
Your browser is cached – To try and fix it, go to your website in a browser then hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking the “refresh” button in your web browser (usually the circular arrow).  This is called a “hard refresh” where it will go back out to the server and download the latest version of your website again.
The web server is cached – For this you can power on and off your modem. You might need to leave it off for several minutes.

Launch Process for Your New Website

We have built your website, you have reviewed the website, and we have made final changes to your website. Now what? Now we go live with your website! Wondering how that happens, well here is the process that happens behind the scenes that we use to make your website live:

1) We do a final check on the website – test the forms, check formatting, etc.

2) We use your old domain registrar login information (wherever you previously registered your domain names)

3) On launch night we login to wherever you registered your old domain and change a setting for whichever domains you want to point to the new website.

4) Within 48 hours the settings have updated across the internet and the site is live.

5) We do another check to make sure there are no broken links, forms are working, no broken images, etc. that may have occurred during the transition.

During this process you may receive a couple test emails from us submitting forms on your website. Please forward these emails to us as soon as your receive them so we can confirm your forms are working.

Now your new website is live!

Remember, if you have any further changes we can make them after we get you live…depending on your plan you have a certain amount of changes per month included on your maintenance plan going forward that we can make for you (of course you can always make changes on your own anytime as well).

How do I add my Employees or Staff to my SiteTap Website?

Every SiteTap website comes with a free add-on called “Staff” located in the side menu in your website backend.  Below are some examples of what this looks like along with how to add Staff to your website.

How to add Staff?

Step 1) In your backend, click “Staff” in the left menu.

Step 2) Click “Departments” and add each location or department in your organization

Step 3) Click “Add New”

Step 4) Give each staff member a Title, Bio, and which ever “Staff member details” that you want on the right side of the screen below.

Staff 2

Step 5) Click “Publish” or “Update”

What Size Should the Staff Images Be?

The ideal size, as shown in the plugin screenshots, is 250×200. However a variety of image sizes will work. To preserve the formatting, make sure all your images are uniform in size, particularly if you are using the Staffer grid layout.

Example Results:

screenshot-2 screenshot-3

How Do I Use Staffer’s Shortcodes?

There are two ways to use shortcodes: 1) standard method. 2) manual method.

In the default method, you can use shortcodes while keeping Staffer’s archive pages enabled. If you want to use shortcodes exclusively, check the “Manual Method” option in the Staffer Options panel to disable the main “Staff” page.

Follow this format for shortcodes:


The above example would output all of the staff listings in default order.

To fine-tune, you can use parameters:

[staffer number="5" department="slug"]

In the above example, “number” refers to the number of entries to retrieve, and “department” refers to the department name slug. For instance, if you only wanted to show a list of members in department term with the “management” slug, you would pass “management” as a parameter.

Other parameters include “order” and “orderby” — and all parameters are optional.

Using the extra parameters, you could reorder the entries using WP_Query’s order and orderby parameters.

For example, if you wanted to display 50 staff members, ordered by name alphabetically, you would do the following:

[staffer number="50" order="ASC" orderby="name"]


For full documentation…

What counts as non-development/included change in my monthly hosting plan?

Common non-development changes that are included in your monthly subscription are:

– Replace or edit content on a page
– Adding/removing a new page and adding/removing a link in the menu
– Adding/removing an image
– Posting an already written article to your blog
– Adding/removing personnel from a page on your website
– Uploading a new logo that you provide
– Adding/removing link in menu or footer
– Adding/removing a link from a page

Not included on-going changes:
– Writing blog content for you
– Writing page content for you
– Graphic design work of any kind (logo redesign)
– Changing or redesigning your website template/theme
– Homepage redesigns (moving blocks or content position)