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I’m not seeing the changes that were supposedly made to my website

The Internet can be complex. Usually if your changes are not being seen it is due to one of the following reasons:
Your browser is cached – To try and fix it, go to your website in a browser then hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking the “refresh” button in your web browser (usually the circular arrow).  This is called a “hard refresh” where it will go back out to the server and download the latest version of your website again.
The web server is cached – For this you can power on and off your modem. You might need to leave it off for several minutes.

ClosingTap vs SmartGFE and ClosingCorp

SmartGFE is ClosingCorp’s tool and is really more a tool for lenders. It also is not a mobile app or custom branded or has any kind of social sharing included.

ClosingTap is more for Realtors, is a custom branded mobile app for the title company and includes social sharing to help hem with marketing their brand. This lets Realtors create net sheets in 60 seconds with the title agent’s fees from their computer or mobile device 24×7.